中国の汚染廃棄物輸入禁止 その影響

China ban on importing contaminated waste leaves Australia awash in rubbish,FT.com,18.12.30;Financial Times,18.12.31,p.2

Policy shift means trash processed for recycling still ends up in landfill.

A landfill facility © AP

Dozens of workers sifting through bundles of plastics, cardboard and paper at an Australian recycling centre are at the front line of a global waste crisis sparked by China’s ban on reprocessing contaminated materials.

Craig Barker, general manager of Suez Western Australia, says the Chinese move has “taken out effectively 50 per cent of the global capacity for recyclable material to be re-manufactured — it’s removed it overnight.”

The French utility is one of thousands of companies struggling to cope with Beijing’s imposition in January of strict limits on the recycling it imports.

Australia’s situation is symptomatic of a burgeoning global problem. Countries are awash in the waste previously sent to China, which until recently served as the world’s recycler. As materials pile up in Australia the solution is often to send trash designated for recycling straight to landfill, appalling environmentalists.

Suez said China’s policy shift halved the value of recycling it collected in Australia and warned that the nation urgently needed a new national waste strategy, fresh investment and a strong local market for recycled materials if the industry was to remain viable domestically

.“We’ve got to reduce reliance on offshore reprocessing and that means building local infrastructure and creating demand for recycled product,” said Mr Barker.

He said consumer education was also important to reduce contamination in household recycling.The impact of China’s rules, which restrict imports to recycling with just 0.5 per cent levels of contaminants or lower, has been dramatic, since the vast bulk of material is excluded. In the first half of 2017 China and Hong Kong bought 60 per cent of plastic waste exported by G7 countries, according to data compiled by the Financial Times.--------









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