安倍晋三の捕鯨砲(対艦ミサイル) 標的はルールに基づく国際秩序 アメリカ・ファーストのトランプと違わない 

Shinzo Abe’s harpoon hits the wrong target,FT.com.19.1.3

Japan has fired a harpoon at the rules-based global order. In an announcement slipped out while friends and allies in the west were celebrating Christmas, Shinzo Abe’s government said it is quitting the International Whaling Commission. Japan will resume commercial whaling this year, joining Norway and Iceland in defying the global norms designed to safeguard stocks of the extraordinary ocean mammal.

The decision has provoked expected protests from the conservation groups and governments whose efforts during the second half of the 20th century halted what had seemed an inexorable hunt to extinction. But in the era of US president Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy, of rising nationalisms, of trade wars and of advancing authoritarianism, Mr Abe doubtless hopes the water will soon close over his snub to one of the many multilateral organisations supporting the liberal international order. ----------

.In its essence, there is no difference in this exposition from the position adopted by Mr Trump on climate change. Stripping out the hyperbole of his pronouncements, the US president argues that Washington takes one view of global warming and members of the Paris climate agreement another. So, to Mr Trump’s mind, the US has made the reasonable decision to withdraw. The US administration deploys much the same case when it threatens to leave the World Trade Organization or disavows the international agreement to monitor Iran’s nuclear programme.

Like Mr Trump, Mr Abe in effect is saying that he wants multilateralism à la carte. Of course Japan is fully signed up to the rules-based system — except, that is, where a particular norm collides with its national preferences. Surely it cannot have gone unnoticed in Tokyo that an increasingly assertive China adopts just this stance when it refuses to abide by international rulings on its territorial disputes with neighbours in the South China Sea? ---------









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