オーストラリア 国の国際的評判を落とす外国人労働者虐待に刑事罰導入も 


Australia threatens criminal penalties for migrant worker abuse,FT.com,19.3.7

The Australian government said on Thursday it would introduce criminal penalties and possible prison sentences for unscrupulous employers that systematically underpay temporary migrant workers. The pledge follows publication of a landmark report that found up to half of the country’s army of 880,000 migrant workers on temporary visas may be being underpaid by unscrupulous employers.

The report was drawn up by a government task force following underpayment scandals at local franchise operations of global brands, including the 7-Eleven convenience store chain and Domino’s Pizza.

“The exploitation of workers in Australian workplaces is not only illegal, it harms individuals, undercuts law-abiding employers and reflects poorly on Australia’s international reputation,” said Kelly O’Dwyer, Australia’s minister for jobs.

Criminal penalties would only apply in the most serious and egregious cases, rather than incidences where employers had accidentally or inadvertently done the wrong thing, added Ms O’Dwyer. Temporary migrants are an increasingly important source of workers in Australia and other developed economies, particularly in the services, hospitality and agricultural sectors.

There are about 880,000 workers in Australia on temporary visas, with almost a third of these workers Chinese or Indian students. The task force said the most recent research shows almost half of these migrant workers might be underpaid.----------


Australian farmers' reliance on illegal labour as exploitation is readily accepted, report says,ABC Rural News,19.3.8

The University of Adelaide report, led by Joanna Howe, said Australian farmers often relied on illegal labour, or risked leaving their crops to fail.

The study was funded by VegetablesWA, the West Australian Strawberries Association and individual growers.

It comes a day after the Government committed to a national labour hire licensing scheme, and tougher penalties for people who exploit workers.

The Howe study included a survey of more than 330 growers across Australia, which found 40 per cent had not been able to hire enough workers.

More than 80 farmers said they had left produce unpicked as a result

"There needs to be a better, targeted, more reliable and sustainable labour migration program," it said.

The report, released today, follows the Federal Government's Migrant Workers' Taskforce report, released on Thursday.

It found that labour hire companies had "systematic problems with exploitation"----------

国家戦略特区で外国人農業労働者受け入れ事業 豪州と並ぶ現代版奴隷制天国に? 農業情報研究所 17.12.30









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