森林火災 19年8月29日

The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia: A World of Fire,The New York Times,19.8.29

The growing intensity of wildfires and their spread to new corners of the globe raises fears that climate change is exacerbating the dangers.

Amazon fires: PM asked by Climate Change Minister to offer NZ firefighters,New Zealand Herald,19.8.29

Climate Change Minister James Shaw has asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to offer to send firefighters to Brazil to help battle the Amazonian forest fires. But the Brazilian Government has not yet responded to any of New Zealand's...

 Jair Bolsonaro interdit les brûlis agricoles pour tenter de freiner les incendies en Amazonie,Le Monde,19.8.29


Malgré la mobilisation du gouvernement brésilien, 1 044 nouveaux départs de feu ont été enregistrés mardi dans tout le Brésil, dont plus de 50 % en Amazonie.

ブラジル大統領がまた仏批判 アマゾン支援金は「主権買収」 AFPBB 19.8.29

829 AFP】南米のアマゾン(Amazon)熱帯雨林で森林火災が続いている問題で、ブラジルのジャイル・ボルソナロ(Jair Bolsonaro)大統領は28日、フランスとドイツが消火支援金の提供によりブラジルの主権を「買収」しようとしていると批判し、フランスのエマニュエル・マクロン(Emmanuel Macron)大統領に対し最近の発言を撤回するよう改めて要求した。



 ボルソナロ氏は28日、チリのセバスティアン・ピニェラ(Sebastian Pinera)大統領と、拡大を続けるアマゾンの危機について協議。その後記者団に対し、「(マクロン氏が)発言を撤回することで初めて、われわれは再び協議ができる」と表明した。


 同氏は、ブラジルが森林火災と闘うための2国間援助であれば受け入れると表明。同国がG7からの支援金を受け入れるかについての疑念が高まっている。(c)AFP/Jordi Miro, with Allison Jackson in Rio de Janeiro

Norwegian investment funds warn global agricultural companies linked to Amazon deforestation,Merco Press,19.8.28

Amazon fires a “tipping point” for the health of rainforests, warns tropical forests organization,Merco Press,19.8.28

The fires tearing through the Amazon represent a “tipping point” for the health of the rainforest, the head of a top global forestry management body said on Wednesday, urging the world to do more to save the trees.

The situation in the Amazon is “very urgent,” stressed Gerhard Dieterle, executive director of the International Tropical Timber Organization, an intergovernmental agency group that promotes sustainable forestry use.

“This is something that might affect the integrity of the Amazon as a whole, because if the forest fires spread, the grasslands become more prone to forest fires,” Dieterle said on the sidelines of a conference on African development.

“Many experts fear it may be a tipping point” for the rainforest, as the latest figures show a total of more than 82,000 fires blazing in Brazil, even as military aircraft and troops help battle them.

More than half of the fires are in the massive Amazon basin.

Some of the blazes are down to natural causes, Dieterle said, but they are mostly started deliberately by farmers clearing land for agriculture.

“If tropical dense forests are affected by forest fires, they need many, many years to regroup. It will alter the climate, the local climate, the national climate and the regional climate. It will also have an influence on the global climate,” said the forestry expert.

Asked about the G7's US$ 20 million pledge to combat the flames, Dieterle said it was “a beginning but much more is needed.”

“This is the national sovereignty of Brazil ... if they ask for funding, I think the world might be willing to provide more resources,” he said.

Dieterle made his comments on the sidelines of the TICAD conference on African development held in Yokohama near Tokyo.

Earlier he warned delegates that “deforestation and forest degradation continue at an alarming rate in many African countries.”

Given the expected rise in African populations from 1.2 billion today to 4.4 billion by the end of the century, he also sounded the alarm bell over a lack of wood products for construction and cooking.

“In the same way we talk about food security, we need also to talk about 'wood security' and 'water security'. We must focus more on the role and use of productive forests before it is too late,” Dieterle said.









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