アマゾン森林破壊 19年8月31日

アマゾン火災、野焼き禁止も新たに1500 大統領は「欧州が教えることない」 AFPBB 19.8.31

831 AFP】南米のアマゾン(Amazon)熱帯雨林で森林火災が拡大している問題で、ブラジル政府は29日に野焼き禁止令を施行したが、同日に新たに1500件近くの火災がアマゾンで発生していたことが分かった。一方、ジャイル・ボルソナロ(Jair Bolsonaro)大統領は30日、欧州が環境保全についてブラジルに「教えることは何もない」と述べた。


 極右のボルソナロ氏は記者団に対し、ドイツのアンゲラ・メルケル(Angela Merkel)首相と会談すると述べたが、日程は明らかにしなかった。またフランスのエマニュエル・マクロン(Emmanuel Macron)大統領については、「親愛なるマクロン氏」がブラジルのアマゾンの主権に関する発言を撤回すれば、対話をすると繰り返した。




 ブラジル国立宇宙研究所(INPE)の最新のデータによると、禁止令の施行当日に2300件の火災が新たに確認され、そのうちの1500件近くがアマゾン盆地で発生。今年ブラジルで発生した森林火災は87257件に達した。(c)AFP/Jordi Miro, with Allison Jackson in Rio de Janeiro

Angela Merkel, Jair Bolsonaro discuss aid for Amazon in 'productive' conversation,Deutsche Welle,19.8.31

Their telephone call followed strained relations in recent weeks between Bolsonaro and Europe over combating wildfires in Brazil. Bolsonaro said Europe has "nothing to teach" Brazil about preserving the environment.


Mother Earth defender pressed on Amazon firdes,Financial Times,19.8.31,p.3

Bolivia’s ‘environmentalist’ Morales under fire over Amazon,FT.com,19.8.30

Forest blazes put in doubt socialist leader’s credentials as protector of ‘Mother Earth’          

The fire may have gone out but smoke still billows in the air in this patch of charred rainforest on the border between Brazil and Bolivia. “The situation is terrible, critical,” said a park ranger and firefighter who works for Brazil’s national parks agency in the Amazonian state of Acre that borders the two countries.

In recent days, as global outrage has grown over the record number of fires in the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical forest, attention has focused on the environmental policies of Brazils far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

But the fires are also raging in neighbouring Bolivia. The country was forced to declare a state of emergency over the blazes, a fall from grace for Evo Morales, the socialist president once hailed as the protector of the “Pachamama” or Mother Earth, because of his self-professed love for the environment. Mr Morales suspended his campaign for re-election to deal with the fires.

About 1.2m hectares of forest burnt across Bolivia, the government said this week, with parts of the Chiquitano forest and the Amazon — so vast is the rainforest that it can be found in nine different countries — on fire.

Critics of the socialist president say the blaze — mainly started by small-scale farmers clearing land with the use of legally allowed “controlled fires” — are a consequence of Mr Morales’ own push to open up new areas to agriculture and cattle and further develop one of Latin America’s poorest countries ahead of his controversial bid for a fourth term in office later this year. “He wants to please farmers, but the president seems to be too blindsided by his re-election to believe fires here could be controlled,” said Bolivian rancher María del Pilar Zúñiga on the border.









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