世界の農業・食料 19年10月15日



中国の食糧市場は一層開放 「食糧安全保障」白書 AFPBB  19.10.15

China inflation hits six-year high as pork prices surge,FT.com,19.10.15

Rising prices add to leadership’s worries as US-China trade war takes its toll



Sheep meat price surges as swine fever forces China to pay for protein,ABC Rural,19.10.14

‎African swine fever has depleted China's pig herd, creating a protein shortage that is benefitting Australian sheep farmers.



African swine fever drives up European pork prices,FT.com,19.10.15

‎Steep rise this year could mean more expensive bacon in Spain, Germany and Poland



German farmers protest against Berlin's agriculture policy,Deutsche Welle,19.11.15

Farmers have rallied in the western German city of Bonn to protest what they see as excessive regulation. The German government recently agreed on a set of new measures governing agriculture.

The protest came in response to a package of measures agreed by the German Cabinet at the start of September. Among other things, they stipulate that the weedkiller glyphosate will be banned in Germany by the end of 2023 after a phasing-out period.

The government is also proposing to reduce the nitrate content in ground water by cutting the use of certain fertilizers and liquid manure. Germany has come under pressure from the European Union for regularly exceeding the allowable levels of nitrates in groundwater, mainly due to mass livestock farming.

Many German farmers have complained that the regulations on the use of manure are not based on expert knowledge and also say that they are still coping with large amounts of excess nitrate from the past.

Farmers in the neighboring Netherlands also turned out in tractors on Monday in eight provinces to protest against measures proposed there to reduce the quantity of nitrates in the environment. A nationwide protest is planned for Wednesday in The Hague, similar to the one on October 1

Four provinces backtrack on nitrogen rules after new farmers’ protests,Dutch News,19.10.14

Paying off farmers will not be enough to cut nitrogen pollution, scientists warn,Dutch News,19.10.14