英国のEU離脱 「ボーダレス社会への挑戦」からの離脱が意味するもの

 英国総選挙で、トランプ米大統領そっくりジョンソン首相率いるEU離脱派が大勝した。英国の対欧州政策をめぐるゴタゴタは毎度こと(英国の伝統?→武田美智代 「政党のEC政策―英国の場合」 国立国会図書館EC研究会編 『新生ヨーロッパの構築―ECから欧州連合へ』  日本経済評論社 199210月 287313頁)、少しも驚かない。ただ、ヨーロッパの「ポーダレス社会」への挑戦の過程で獲得した諸政策―対外政策、通商政策、通貨政策、共通農業政策、地域政策、環境政策 社会政策、教育政策、競争政策、金融市場政策、産業政策、消費者政策、安全保障政策・・・―を含むすべてのものを失うこと、そしてその再構築の課題の重みに英国民は耐えられるだろうかと訝る。

 「1955年代に具体化したEC統合の動きは、時につまづき、後退しながらも、長い道のりを歩んできた。統合を促す力としては様々なものがあろうが、やはり根底には、国民国家がバランス・オブ・パワーの原理を基礎にした国際システム築いたもの、二つの大戦によって多くのものを失ったことへの欧州人の反省があるのではなかろうか」(川口 洋 前掲書 はしがき)。このような「反省」を国=国民(ファースト)への「反逆」の如くに言うトランプ政府、ジョンソン政府、安倍政府には退場願うほかない。トランプ政府の「ボーダレス社会への挑戦」への挑戦は未だ成功していない(米中が第一段階合意、関税を猶予 ロイター 19.12.14White House offers first details of partial trade deal with China,The Washington,19.12.13)ことを教訓に。


EU leaders warn UK over ‘level playing field’ demands,FT.com,19.12.14

Emmanuel Macron has warned that the EU will curtail the speed and ambition of post-Brexit trade talks if Britain diverges from Brussels’ regulations, as European leaders set out their red lines for negotiations with UK prime minister Boris Johnson following his election win.The French president and German chancellor Angela Merkel were among leaders to stress that British access to the EU’s market would be linked to a willingness to sign up to “level playing field” standards after the UK leaves the union on January 31.“What we say, simply, is that the more ambitious the agreement, the more substantial the regulatory alignment must be,” Mr Macron said, insisting that talks could “go pretty quickly if [the UK] say, when it comes down to it, ‘we do not want to change very much’”.

Merkel voices caution and optimism on Boris and Brexit at EU leaders' summit,Deutsche Welle,19.12.14


"Honestly, I think many many people were pleased that it was a clear result," Merkel said, hinting at the high likelihood of further delay in the Brexit process had British voters returned another hung Parliament, unable to agree on a way to start the process of leaving the EU. This way, Merkel said, the EU at least had "a degree of certainty" that the stalled process might get moving again. 

However, Merkel quickly moved to address European colleagues, saying the progress on Brexit could upset the apple cart on the continent as well. 

"Now we will have a new competitor at our door in the form of Great Britain," Merkel said, adding that this competitor might not conform with all of the EU's standards and practices. Yet the chancellor also sought a positive side to this, arguing that such a presence "might spur us [the EU] on a little, to become a little quicker and to reach accords more decisively." 

Boris Johnson must fulfil his One Nation pledge(Editorial).FT.com,19.12.14,









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