オーストラリア森林火災 アマゾン熱帯雨林 インドネシア洪水 環境関係今日の注目記事 20年1月4日


Incendies en Australie : plus de 100 000 personnes quittent leurs logements, 3 000 militaires réservistes déployés,Le Monde,20.1.4

Australia fires: Troops called to tackle fires,BBC,20.1.4

Australia fires: How do we know how many animals have died?,BBC,20.1.4

Australian bushfires forecasted to reach Sydney suburbs,Deutsche Welle,20.1.4

‎Fire authorities have warned wildfires might bring flames to more urban areas, including the suburbs of the country's most populous city. The largest peacetime evacuation in Australian history is underway.

Australian fires: Authorities urge mass evacuation,Deutsche Welle,20.1.4

‎"If you don't need to be in the area, you need to leave," the New South Wales premier has said. Westerly winds and soaring temperatures are set to stoke fires across southern Australia and bring more devastation.

Soaring temperatures put NSW on red alert,Sydney Morning Hderald,20.1.4

‎Multiple bushfires across NSW are at emergency levels today.

NSW fires LIVE updates: ADF reserves called up, fires at emergency level, more helicopters and ships dispatched,Sydney Morning Hderald,20.1.4

‎Almost 140 fires were burning overnight as NSW braces for a day authorities have said will be a success if no lives are lost.

'Stretched to the limit': Fires blaze through Snowy Mountains foothills,Sydney Morning Hderald,20.1.4

‎A huge fire is bearing down on several townships to the southwest of the Snowy Mountains, where intense firefighting efforts are struggling to prevent property loss.



'It's a food forest': Amazon villagers face down Bolsonaro threat,The Guardian,20.1.4



Death toll climbs to 46 in early 2020 floods, landslides,ANTARA,20.1.4

West Java declares emergency over floods, landslides as death toll rises,The Jakarta Post,20.1.4

New normal: Climate crisis to bring extreme rainfall more often, scientists say,The Jakarta Post,20.1.4








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