<新型コロナ>農家「人手どうすれば」 中国人実習生の来日めど立たず 作付け縮小の恐れ 東京新聞 20.3.23

外国人実習生来ず「死活問題」 水産加工・農家悲鳴 業績悪化で解雇懸念も 新型コロナ入国制限 北海道新聞 20.3.21



Panic buying of wheat flour causing shortage, price hike in Karachi,Dawn,20.3.23

KARACHI: People in the metropolis continued to face a serious shortage of various varieties of flour, especially the branded ones, as shopkeepers were either refusing them on the pretext of not having the commodity or demanding the prices of their own, it emerged on Sunday.

Wheat flour has emerged as one of the most sought-after essential items after rice, pulses, sugar, ghee/cooking oil, tea, milk, etc, since affluent consumers have gone wild to pile up flour stocks in view of reports of a lockdown due to coronavirus.

New challenges in food security, agriculture,Dawn,20.3.23

The recent cut in the benchmark interest rate can hardly do any good to the farm sector.

Agriculture plays a motherly role in the economy. It feeds people. Policymakers need to protect this role of agriculture aggressively as feeding people looks like a challenge amidst the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19.

Sadly, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) apparently overlooked this need when it announced its monetary policy for two months on March 17.

The central bank cut its policy rate by 75 basis points to 12.50 per cent. It did not offer any special incentive package for food and agriculture, although it did for health and medical centres to combat the spread of coronavirus.



Coronavirus | Stop panic buying, reserve food stocks will last seven months: Bhujbal,Hindu,20.3.21

Maharashtra government has already provided grain stocks for April and May to fair price shops, says Food Minister
Palm oil prices will remain low the next several months ,Hindu Business,20.3.20

The rapid spread of Covid-19 and the collapse of the crude oil market have combined to crush palm oil prospects in recent weeks


Rice packers: Prices to climb for months,Bangkok Post,20.3.23

The worst is yet to come for consumers, as rice packers warn that packaged rice prices are likely to increase further after domestic rice prices rose by 20-30% since the start of the year, mostly due to drought and a sharp rise in demand in light of the pandemic.


Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown: Your panic buying is putting other Kiwis at risk,New Zealand Herald,20.3.23

COMMENT: The announcement of a level 4 alert within the next 48 hours has triggered a sadly predictable spree of panic-buying across Auckland and farther afield. Queues are quickly gathering at supermarkets, fruit and veggie stores...

'$7 for lettuce is ridiculous': Fruit and veg prices skyrocket amid COVID-19 panic buying,ABC Rural,20.3.22

As the coronavirus continues to spread shoppers are reporting significant increases in supermarket prices. Retailers, meanwhile, say the cost of doing business has gone up "exponentially".

'No reason to be frightened': Farmers call for calm amid coronavirus panic buying,ABC Rural,20.3.21

Australia won't run out of things to eat and drink, and shoppers have no reason to panic about any shortages as a result of coronavirus, food growers and manufacturers say.  

Green light for 'essential' farmers' markets,ABC Rural,20.3.20

Amid shopper anxiety, farmers' markets around Australia have been given official clearance to go ahead.   

Backyard chickens in demand as coronavirus buying frenzy empties supermarkets,ABC Rural,20.3.19

Chicken breeders are being inundated as householders turn to backyard chooks for egg supplies while supermarket shelves empty of staple products.

Australia's still not running out of food, so why are the shelves so bare? ,ABC Rural,20.3.19

Despite reassurances that Australia's food supplies are not running low, many shoppers are continuing to panic buy. The reason involves psychology, logistics and the way the nation's supply chains work.

Coronavirus epidemic boosts demand for domestic food ,YLE,20.3.21

Theres a growing demand for domestic foods as Finnish residents are in a partial lockdown due to the novel coronavirus epidemic. The countrys food self-sufficiency is however at a good level, according to the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation (ETL)


Iowa's ethanol producers, prisoners, will partner to make hand sanitizer, Reynolds says,Des Moines Register,20.3.21

Gov. Kim Reynolds pointed to the effort as an example of how Iowa businesses are stepping up to help during the crisis

 “The whole country is working tirelessly to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and Iowa biofuels producers are proud to help any way we can,” Shaw said.

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Iowa is the nation's largest producer of ethanol, with about 40 refineries capable of producing over 4.5 billion gallons annually, mostly from corn. Ethanol makes up about 10% of the nation's fuel supply.











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