新型コロナと農業・食料 世界食料価格、イギリス、フランス 20年6月4日

<世界食料価格指数 2018年以来の最低に。供給増と新型コロナにる経済縮小で需要が減少>

FAO Food Price Index falls to 17-month low,FAO,20.6.4

Global commodity food prices fell for the fourth consecutive month in May, as supplies appear strong and demand weakens due to economic contractions triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported today.------

Global cereal production is on track to reach a new record level of 2 780 million tonnes, 2.6 percent higher than 2019/2020, according to FAO's Cereal Supply and Demand Brief, also released today.


<イギリス 絞った牛乳の行き先がなく、牛とさよならする農家。食料安保に暗雲>

FT BIG READ.UK The Brexit test for UK farmers,Financial Times,20.6.4,p.13

Coronavirus: UK farmers face brutal test ahead of Brexit,FT.com,20.6.3

The pandemic has exposed tensions over food security that are now playing out in the UK-EU trade talks

At his farm in the Shropshire village of Middleton Scriven, Richard Yates has been saying goodbye to his cows.After the UK entered lockdown in March, the milk processor Mr Yates had supplied for six years said it would end daily pick-ups, cutting down to every two days to save money. But that would have required the 54-year-old farmer to buy a larger milk tank. Combined with plunging milk prices, it made his herd of 150 Friesians financially unviable. Mr Yates — who also raises lambs and grows arable crops — decided to sell the cows.


<フランス 昨日、休業していたレストランが開業したが、コロナ禍で販路を塞がれてきた農民には何の変化もない。レストランが購入するのは大部分が安い輸入品、農民が供給するのは高品質の地方産品だ―農民同盟>

Au restaurant, demandons des produits locaux de qualité !,Confédération paysanne,20.6.3

Malgré l'ouverture de la restauration privée hier, rien ne change pour les paysannes et les paysans dont les débouchés ont été profondément affectés par la crise du Covid-19. Les établissements qui s'approvisionnent localement en produits de qualité restent l'exception. Les achats des restaurants, enfermés dans une course aux prix bas, sont constitués en grande partie de produits importés.









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