気候変動と異常気象 最近の内外注目記事(18年7月29日)

Scorched earth: the world battles extreme weather,FT.com,18.7.28

Significant forest fires are up 40% in Europe this year and affecting countries previously untouched. Scientists say nations must be better prepared

Scorcheds earth ,Financial Times,187.29,FTWeekend,p.5

Climate change is described as an ‘accelerant’ for the fires engaulfing parts of Europe.But it is not the only reason,who argue that countries must be better prpared to counter the thereat,By Leslie Hook and Kerin Hope

FT Magazine Water scarcity:South Africa: the legacy of the Cape Town drought,FT.com,18.7.28

Shadow of a drought,Financial Times,FT weekend,18.7.28


Firefighters battle blazes around Finland amid new heat warnings,YLE.18.7.28


世界熱波 欧州に大規模高気圧 温暖化の影響指摘:国際 東京新聞 18.7.26